The following individuals have shown their commitment to support Boots For Troops on a monthly basis. Our Support Squad is extremely important to the success of Boots For Troops.

Monthly support helps keep the doors of our operation open, and allows us to continue to carry out the mission.

You can join the Support Squad and add your name to the list by clicking the “DONATE” button below and signing up for a $10 or more monthly donation.

On behalf of our Board of Directors we want to sincerely thank all of you on our Support Squad.

Jason Tatum
Courtney Cordova
Hunter Hernandez
Stacy Shilling
Mark Minter
Jacob Littrell
James Anderson
Clint Bruney
Corey Guerrero
Charlton Reich
Jessica Prince
Chris Streeter
Chris George
Taylor Polenic
Sonya Thorbeck
Shawn Myers
Tammie Reynolds
LeaErin Hurley
Leann Stavinoha
Noel Estes
Elise Morgan
Carolyn Weldon
Dennis Ross
Kasey Weldon
Adam Stevens

Morgan Wiederhold
Valerie Vela
Scott Roberts
David Phelps
Robin Harrison
Sherie Prejean
Jayme Taylor
Jodi Lundquist
Jimmy Fortado
Lynda Keppner
Christian Juarez
Deitra Robertson
Troy Patton
Ashley Allen
Kayla Brough
Pattie Allen
Reid Cox
Jason Hecker
Audrey Arnett
Cynthia Sliger
Larry Plotts
Chris Pivonka
Claudia Woodard
Corey Amendt
Jessica Turner

Jeff Newberry
Peggy/Jackie Sherill
Michael Murray
Samantha Allen
Jeanna Kostak
Phyllis Norcini
Kayla Brough

Boots For Troops is a non-profit, 501(C)3 organization dedicated to to uplift and empower the over-all morale and mental well-being of deployed service members defending our freedom.