Eligibility Requirements

 Emergency Travel

  • E-6 and below
  • Death to immediate family member (mother, father, sibling, grandparents)
  • Terminal illness, or life-threatening situation.
  • Must submit current LES

     Holiday/Special Travel

    • E-5 and below
    • At least 12 months separated from family.
    • Thanksgiving request must be submitted no later than November 7th
    • Christmas request must be submitted no later than December 7th
    • Must submit current LES with request.

    If you are in need of travel assistance to take leave for the holidays, special occasion or emergency leave please fill out the contact information to your right. In the Message section please explain to us your situation. It is our goal to help with every request we receive. However, due to the volume of requestS we receive, we cannot promise that we will be able to assist you. We read every request and will respond to each request as quickly as possible. Make sure if you are deployed in a foreign country that you include an accurate e-mail. Upon your request being selected you will have to verify your military status. We look forward to helping you and thank you all for your service.​

    Things we must know in order to consider assiting you:

    • Branch of Service
    • First and Last Name
    • Email Address (must be a good working MILITARY address so that we can make contact)
    • Rank
    • Phone Number we can reach you at. (if available)
    • This is not for care package requests
    Boots For Troops is a non-profit, 501(C)3 organization dedicated to to uplift and empower the over-all morale and mental well-being of deployed service members defending our freedom.