Boots For Troops is proud to announce our newest program, Shoots For Troops. This program is a Professional Volunteer Referee Initiative, which trains individuals to become certified clay shooting Judges/Referees. Upon completion of the required training, you will receive your official trained referee badge and become eligible to volunteer at clay shooting events that Boots For Troops has partnered with.  Training consist of the following:

  • Two Hours of classroom or zoom training
  • Two-Four Hours of course training. (OJT)

In 2020, two advocates of the sport of clay shooting, Julia and James Gilman launched The Professional Volunteer Referee Initiative. The initiative was designed to improve the quality of refereeing at sporting clays’ biggest events while supporting good causes nationwide. They had three goals in mind.

  • Improving the integrity of the sport.
  • A second, longer-term goal is to create a database of trained sporting clays referees that clubs could tap when hosting a major event.
  • The third goal was to involve the local community and give back while promoting sporting clays. Instead of holding a charity shoot, the idea would be to ask volunteers to invest time and effort in return for a financial benefit to their charity.

How it Benefits Boots For Troops  

Historically, major, and minor clay shooting events across the country hire trained clay shooting referees to work their events. The host club would pay each referee a daily compensation. Under the Shoots For Troops program, Boots For Troops would provide the club with an allotted amount of trained volunteer referees for our partnered event. Instead of paying out the volunteer referee, the referee pay would be donated to Boots For Troops.

Fill out the contact info below if you are interested in being apart of the Shoots For Troops program

Boots For Troops is a non-profit, 501(C)3 organization dedicated to to uplift and empower the over-all morale and mental well-being of deployed service members defending our freedom.