The 2019 and 2020 award winning accident and injury attorney Patrick Scott of Scott Law Firm joined the Boots For Troops family this year as a 2021 yearly sponsor.

From lead managing attorney Patrick Scott, you can expect nothing less than the best representation for your personal injury case.

Located in downtown Conroe, Texas Scott Law Firm is all about getting their clients fair results.  They also advocate on behalf of their personal injury clients of Montgomery County. After hearing about Boots For Troops and seeing their impact on the Montgomery County community Mr. Scott and his Law Firm knew that this was an organization they wanted to fully support.

Patrick Scott is a Marine Veteran himself and feels it is important to support our currently active troops. Joining when he was only 17 years old, he even had to have his grandfather sign off on the paperwork for him to enlist early. From 2001-2005 Patrick Scott was in the United States Marine Corps and he spoke about how he remembers being deployed. He reflected on how special he felt anytime he received a care package from home. He told us a story about a time when he was deployed on a ship and got a letter from one of his high school friends back home and how it completely changed that whole deployment. “It reminded me why I was out there doing what I did,” says Scott. Once more Scott spoke of a time when he related most to the mission at Boots For Troops. Scott says, “I had told my sister over the phone that I really needed some socks, and next thing I knew I got a care package full of socks. Not everyone got to experience things like that, so I totally empathize with our active troops today. Teaming up with you guys to promote the power of uplifting our troops is so important to me. Knowing that each care package that leaves the Boots For Troops office is completely customized to each service member’s requests and includes a pair of boots of their needing is exactly the thing to keep your spirits high during those times”, says Scott.”

Patrick Scott and his family got to encounter firsthand the excitement of a Boots For Troops fundraising event as they joined us at our First Annual Crawfish Festival last Saturday. Needless to say, the people of Scott Law Firm and the family at Boots For Troops are thrilled to grow their new relationship and join forces to continue to uplift and empower our active duty, everyday superheroes.