Dear Supporters and Attendees,

I want to start off by just saying WOW! What an incredible turn out. Congratulations on being a part of the largest event in the young history of this organization. Boots For Troops truly felt the out poor of love and support by the community.

The 5th Annual Concert in the Country was something special. I found myself in a daze multiple times throughout the day. I specifically remember backstage standing on the ladder that takes you onto the stage, and my dad asked me how I felt? This was around 730PM, right before Sundance Head took the stage. I told my dad that I was in a daze and I really did not know. All day I did a lot of daydreaming, reminiscing multiple times on the first year of Concert in the Country, and how far it has come. Many emotions came across me that day, but mostly I felt proud.

Proud of all of you. This event is a massive undertaking, and it takes hard work, love, compassion and generosity from not only the Boots For Troops leadership team, but our committee members, volunteers, sponsors, entertainers, staff and every attendee. Every single person plays a role in making this event a success for the organization. I am a native of Tomball, TX and I graduated from Tomball H.S. in 2006. Other than the 4 years I spent serving in the United States Navy, I have lived my entire life in this community. I also have deep roots in Tomball, TX which is the home to a lot of my family. This community means so much to me, and I hope everyone will stop for one minute and truly understand the impact we are making around the world on our service men and women from our hometown. This morning we received our most recent testimonial.

“Today SGT Broadus and I received our boots! We are extremely grateful for everything you guys do. Thank you so much! This care package has made our deployment better! As we prepare to return home (For Campbell, KY), we can see our families with a fresh pair of boots on our feet. My current boots have taken quite a beating by the Afghanistan sun. The Snacks and kind note were just the icing on the cake. Thanks again, nothing makes us happier knowing we are fighting for people who truly support us. Have a blessed day.” – Second Lieutenant Jones

I felt and showed a lot of emotions Saturday night. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I will never apologize for that. I am moved by the many texts and calls of support and congratulations from so many amazing people. I realize now that it was not an accident when I wrote the Go Fund Me page to launch Boots For Troops, this was no doubt Gods plan for me. To lead and give an opportunity for all of you to show your appreciation for our troops, and that is exactly what you all do. I could not be more appreciative and grateful for each of you. You continue to give me faith in humanity.

I’m excited, energized and ready to continue leading Boots For Troops to new heights. I’m working hard, and strategically planning to put Boots For Troops in a position to do more for our active duty troops and veterans. I hope this event made you proud to be an American, and proud to be a supporter of Boots For Troops.



Jimmy Rogers