By: Joey Garcia |

With over 50% of adult Americans being avid daily consumers of coffee, along with America being one of the most charitable nations on the planet, Boots For Troops and Spindletap Coffee Co are proud to unveil our newest collaboration. Being fair trade and roasted to order, your morning cup will surely taste a little better knowing that your patronage directly supports the Boots For Troops Mission, and helps bring the same quality Joe to troops worldwide in our signature “World’s Greatest Care Packages.” With limited resources to those overseas and forward deployed, Boots For Troops and Spindletap have engineered a wonderful product line, where no cream and no sugar means “no problem.” With three roasts ranging from light to dark, there is surely a flavor for every palate. I sat with Boots For Troops Director of Operations, Lindsey Rogers, to discuss the project further over a steamy mug:


What pulled Boots For Troops towards Spindletap to help make this project a reality?

When we first were introduced to the idea of a coffee partnership, we had several Zoom calls with Adam Wright, Co-Founder and CEO of Spindletap Coffee Co. and his team and really fell in love with their vision and passion for coffee as well as how they do business. With Spindletap, we were able to focus in on the vision of Coffee With a Purpose. Spindletap had all of the tools and consumer base to make our dream a reality, while allowing Boots For Troops to also support a Houston Local company in return.

Are there any subscription-based options for weekly or monthly support, now or coming soon?

Absolutely, through our e-commerce site which is directly linked to making an impact on the Boots For Troops organization. For those avid coffee drinkers, there are a variety of options to choose from including one time purchases, recurring shipments, choosing the size and quantity you want, along with the option for ground or whole bean. There is also a commercial option for your office or place of business on a larger scale as well.

If there was one thing you could say to the person who discovered the glory that is Coffee, what would it be?


Lastly, how do you take your coffee?

Black, no nonsense. Lindsey’s Morning Muster, graciously named after me by our CEO because he knows how much I love coffee, is my obsession. I always thought I liked dark roasts better because I thought they were stronger. We went and had a tasting at Spindletap and I learned that blonde roasts actually have more caffeine and more flavor.

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