How long have you been with Guild Mortgage? 8 years, but I’ve been originating residential mortgage loans for almost 25 years

What is your position/role at Guild Mortgage and what do you do daily? I’m the sales manager, so my focus is making sure that my team and I take great care of our clients and referral partners.  Everyday in the mortgage business is a new puzzle and I’m proud that my team has earned a 98.2% client satisfaction rating over the last 8 years with Guild.

What are some guiding principles or values you used to make your decision to get involved with Boots for Troops? I love the mission of Boots For Troops.  When I was deployed, I saw the look on my soldiers when mail was delivered and some of the soldiers did not get a letter from home.  I believe that Boots for Troops is doing the right thing to boost the morale of deployed soldiers and sailors.

What is your affiliation with the military? Graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1985.  Served in the US Army for 5 years.

What is your favorite thing about the organization?  I really appreciate how Boots for Troops engages the local community to become involved.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the Concert in the Country or some of the other fundraising events – Boots for Troops pulls the local community together to support our military

What is your contribution to the organization as a whole? Primarily, we’ve been a financial sponsor.  Because of scheduling, we have not been able to make all of the community events but we’re always proud to sponsor activities when we can.

What would you like to see this organization do in the community that we don’t already do? The organization already does a lot of community activities.  However, one thing that I don’t see that often – highlighting or showcasing local servicemembers who are currently on active duty.

What difference would you like to make on the organization?  I’m a local guy with deep roots in the Tomball community.  I have a lot of connections in multiple business arenas and I would love to bring other families/business owners to Boots for Troops as financial partners.