This is our primary program at Boots For Troops. Once selected to receive a BFT care package, our team personally corresponds with the service members or family/friends of service members who request a package. We send over a form via e-mail that ask a series of questions such as what does the service member need where they are deployed? What is their favorite snacks? What is their favorite sports team, and more.  Lastly, each package comes with a new pair of personal boots selected by the package recipient. This program is designed to generate the biggest morale boost possible.

Program Founder Jimmy Rogers has spent time deployed himself, and knows first hand the difference a care package can make. When he was deployed he received mass produced packages from other organizations, and although he was grateful to receive his package he wanted to create a program that was more personal and touched the hearts and minds of our service members. That’s exactly what our care package program does.

If you would like to request a package for a service member you know that is deployed and in need of one, please click on the Request a Package button.


Warrior Morale Project is a special holiday season project, initiated to help selected individual service members offset the cost to travel home for the holidays. The holidays are an especially meaningful and emotional time for our military men and women who want nothing more than to be able to spend a few days at home with the ones they love.Unfortunately for some, the expense of getting home isn’t always manageable, and instead of being in the presence of family, and enjoying the smell of turkey and homemade cookies baking, some have to settle for phone conversations and Skype meetings.

We want to take it a step farther and help those we can, get home for Christmas. Donations to this project will go towards purchasing air fare, gas vouches and financially assisting service members with travel home to spend Christmas with their families, and also help assist them in getting back to their home base safely after Christmas break.

Boots For Troops is a non-profit, 501(C)3 organization dedicated to to uplift and empower the over-all morale and mental well-being of deployed service members defending our freedom.