The Boots For Troops family is remembering one of our top volunteers. Lisa Lynne Cathers, 48, passed away suddenly on June 21st, 2017. She was born on May 28th, 1969 in Nashville, TN and grew up in Texas. Lynne was full of life, and sincerely loved helping people.

When I originally formed Boots For Troops, it was part of my founding plan to not only create an organization that would impact the lives of our brave men and women serving around the world, but also provide a positive and family cultured volunteer experience for those who were willing to give their time to Boots For Troops. Now, you always hear when people pass, everyone comes out of the woodwork and say all the right things. It’s always good and positive. Even when people commit crimes and are not so good people, you hear the neighbors say oh “he/she was such a great person”. Well I have to say that Lynne really was an amazing person. I’m not just saying this because she passed. Lynne was one of the most kind souls I had ever met. And I have traveled the world and met a lot of people.

Running a non-profit organization you are always looking for great volunteers. Non-profits can’t function without a Board of Directors, which essentially are a group of volunteers. Organizations also rely on volunteers to help at events, and advocate for the cause. As the President of Boots For Troops you come across many types of people. Lynne was a no nonsense kind of volunteer. I could tell Lynne what my expectations were for her volunteer station, and she would stand firm and carry out those expectations. I remember when Lynne was working the door at one of our events at GAME ON SPORTS BAR. Lynne was in charge of collecting the $10 door fee and boy did she make sure everyone paid their $10 dollar fee to BFT to get in, oh and if you didn’t want to pay it she didn’t let you in. I also remember being in a bind and needing a volunteer to fill in because I had nobody and Lynne stepped up and and saved me.

Lynne truly loved supporting our troops. I’m so grateful to have known her for the time I did. Her display of love and kindness touched the entire Boots For Troops family. As the leader of the organization, I’m here to acknowledge how important she was to myself and the organization. I will now take it upon myself to make sure Lynne Cathers will never be forgotten by the Boots For Troops family, and her legacy will live on for as long as I am the President of Boots For Troops.

I plan to make a major announcement regarding Lynne in the future. To her family and friends, we are here to stand behind you. Thank you for sharing your wonderful Lynne with our organization. We will forever cherish the time we spent with her.